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This is the new website for Round Dance Cuer Judy Barnhill
with Choreography and Dancing by Dwayne & Judy Barnhill

** Flash Update **
Round Dance Lessons on ZOOM
Beginning Level JIVE Phase III - Dance Teach & Figures
Begins Mondays & Wednesdays June 7 / June 9 at 7PM EST
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For Zoom access contact Sandi at ""

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ZOOM Round Dances Every Tuesday & Sunday @ 7:00PM (Music may start as early at 6:00pm)....
Playlists are updated 2x/week -- playlists can be found using the website Index

Contact Judy for information about ZOOM session access here for more information

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NARCH, 2021
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APRIL, 2021
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This website features Round Dance Cueing by Judy Barnhill & Choreography by Dwayne & Judy Barnhill.
This site lists scheduled dances where Judy will be cueing, where they will be teaching
and is a reference source for their dance playlists, lessons and videos featuring
them dancing !


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