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This is the website for Round Dance Cuer Judy Barnhill
with Choreography and Dancing by Dwayne & Judy Barnhill

HiLights..Judy Cued At:..
June 23-25, 2022 - 71'st National Square Dance Convention - Evansville Indiana
See Cueing Videos Below In "New Videos"...

August 4-6, 2022 - 47'th Tennessee Square & Round Dance Convention - Gatlinburg, Tennessee
> ..Convention Flyer & Registration Form here
> ..Round Dance Flyer (Judy Is Coordinating) here
> ..Complete Round Dance Schedule here

August 26-27 - 42'nd Alabama Square & Round Dance Convention - Oxford, AL
>...Convention Flyer here for the flyer and registration form

New Videos - Judy Cueing At The 71'st NSDC
June 23-25, 2022 - 71'st National Square Dance Convention - Evansville Indiana
Judy Cueing Videos here

Printable Schedule ...coming soon

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Judy Cued At Strawberry Square - November 7, 2021 to expand picture

Yes - They Also Square Dance ! on pictures to expand
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New Video Of Judy Cueing At West Coast Round Dance - 12/5/2021
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Weekly Schedule
November 2022--April, 2023


This website features Round Dance Cueing by Judy Barnhill & Choreography by Dwayne & Judy Barnhill.
This site lists scheduled dances where Judy will be cueing, where they will be teaching
and is a reference source for their dance playlists, lessons and videos featuring
them dancing !


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